One of the most dynamic parts of our program are the collaborations with Slippery Rock University professors and students.  

What do we hope to gain in curriculum enrichment collaborations?

Early childhood curriculum enrichment refers to the intentional enhancement of educational experiences for young children to promote their overall development, providing high-quality and stimulating learning opportunities.  University professors can contribute by guiding their students to design curriculum enrichments that align with early childhood learning principals.  Learning objectives should include:

When learning objectives include these components, it ensures growth for our students and the college students working with them.   

What do we hope your students gain in curriculum enrichment collaborations?

Curriculum enrichment collaborations between college students and preschoolers aim to create a symbiotic relationship where both groups learn and benefit from each other's unique perspectives and experiences. 

Our preschool classrooms are available Monday through Friday during our academic school year:

12-1pm is Lunch and 2-3pm is Rest Time for our preschoolers

Our school-age, after school program is available Monday through Friday during the academic school year:

We look forward to hearing from you!  Click below for the Curriculum Enrichment Application to contact our Director and Head Teachers with your request. 

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